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Owenmore House


WILLIAM ORME, of Hanch Hall, Longdon, Staffordshire, descended from a family of graziers long settled in Cheshire, married, in 1612, Grace, daughter of Nicholas Hurt, of Castern, Staffordshire.

He died in 1623, leaving a son,

WILLIAM ORME (1614-65), of Hanch Hall, who being a Royalist, suffered heavy fines and imprisonment at the hands of the usurper, CROMWELL.

He lived to witness the Restoration, and had a confirmation of his arms by Sir William Dugdale, Norroy King-of-Arms, 1665.

Mr Orme wedded Anne, daughter of Thomas Brudenell, of Staunton Wivell, Leicestershire, and had issue,
Thomas (c1637-1716), dsp;
William, Colonel in the French Army;
JAMES, of whom presently;
The third son,

JAMES ORME, settled ca 1671 in County Mayo, where he purchased considerable estates.

He espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Barrow, of County Cork, and had issue,
ROBERT, his heir;
William, of Ballintubber.
Mr Orme died in 1707, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

ROBERT ORME, of Carne, County Mayo, who married, in 1703, Elizabeth, daughter of James Johnston, and had issue,
Thomas, of Carne;
James, of Fairfield;
WILLIAM, of whom hereafter;
Robert (Congressman), settled in Jones County, USA;
Mary; Margaret; Lettice.
The third son,

WILLIAM ORME JP (1810-76), of Owenmore, County Mayo, wedded firstly, in 1837, Janette, daughter of Christopher Carleton L'Estrange, of Market Hill, County Fermanagh; and secondly, in 1858, Margaret Barbara, eldest daughter of the Rev Savage Hall, Rector of Loughgall, County Armagh,

He dsp and was succeeded by his brother, 

ROBERT ORME JP DL (1815-77), of Owenmore, County Mayo, and Enniscrone, County Sligo, who espoused, in 1843, Sidney Frances, daughter of Christopher Carleton L'Estrange, and had issue,
CHRISTOPHER GUY, succeeded his brother;
Albert L'Estrange;
Janet Georgina, m 1882, Claude Brownlow, of Killynether.
The eldest son,

ROBERT WILLIAM ORME JP DL (1856-1903), of Owenmore and Enniscrone, High Sheriff of County Sligo, 1879, died unmarried, and was succeeded by his brother,

CHRISTOPHER GUY ORME JP DL (1858-1929), of Owenmore and Enniscrone, High Sheriff of County Sligo, 1914, who married, in 1907, Mary Kathleen, daughter of the 1st Baron Morris and Killanin, and had issue,
Lettice Frances; Cicely Dorothea.

OWENMORE HOUSE, near Crossmolina, County Mayo, built ca 1847, comprises two storeys over a high basement.

It has a five-bay entrance front, with a single-storey Doric portico.

The other side elevation has a two-storey bowed wing of similar style and height to the main block, though set back.

When the estate was decimated by the Land Acts, about 1926, it was sold to the Knox family.

It was sold again in 1950 to Major Marcus McCausland.

First published in July, 2012.


Anonymous said...

The Ormes everywhere salute you

Unknown said...

Marcus McCausland bought Owenmore in 1969 after it had been owned for 2 years by Denis Ferranti.
I’m not sure when exactly the Knoxes sold it and who owned it between that and when Ferranti purchased it in 1967.
If anybody out there has any information on this I’d love to hear from them.
Jerry O’Mara
Current Owner

Unknown said...

Hi Jerry
I came across this request when looking for photos of Owenmore for my 84 year old mother. The house was owned by Alfred Knox and on his death his two sisters Connie and Gwen Knox were allowed to live there until their deaths but the house was actually owned by my grandfather Maiben Roberts. He had intended to live there but decided it would be too expensive to run and too isolated for his wife. He was at the time a general surgeon in Kenya so reluctantly he sold it to the Ferrantis. He always said he got a low price for it and the new owners only wanted it for the wood.

My Grandfather was the son of the eldest Knox sister Kathleen. He spent much of his youth visiting Owenmore and fishing in the river where he met Desmond Ryland , whose mother’s family the Fetherstonhaughs lived at Glenmore House. My Grandfather was introduced to Desmond’s sister Larissa (Joy) and they were married. They had 4 children.My grandfather died in Dublin in January 2010 aged 105.

My mother spent holidays at Owenmore and has fond memories of it. I’m sure she would be happy to tell you more and I know she would love to know what has happened to the house more recently. Verena Weir .

Anonymous said...

I have a distant ancestor (Margaret Orme) and her husband (Patrick Wills) both born approximately 1809. They had a son named Patrick who was born in 1840. They left for Ontario, Canada approximately 1843-1845. Margaret was known to talk about the beautiful estate at Owennmore (the windows, the brook along the road). Unfortunately I haven't been able to find out how she fits into the Orme family, or any more information about Patrick Wills. Jerry was kind enough to let us visit. Would really appreciate any information you might have on any connection to Patrick or Margaret.