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4th Earl of Bristol


The surname of HERVEY, or HARVEY, written with Fitz (i.e. son of Hervey) is derived from Robert FitzHervey (a younger son of Hervé, Duke of Orléans), one of the commanders in the invading army of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR.

From that Robert descended

JOHN HERVEY, who, marrying Joan, daughter and heiress of John Harman, of Thurleigh, Bedfordshire, whereby he became possessed of that lordship, which he made his principal residence.

Mr Hervey died in 1292, leaving issue,

JOHN HERVEY, who wedded Margaret, daughter and heir of Sir John de Nernuytt, of Burnham, in Buckinghamshire, and therby became possessed of a large property, which descended to his son and heir.

From him we pass to his lineal descendant,

JOHN HERVEY, of Thurleigh, who wedded Alice, daughter of Nicholas Morley, of Glynde, Sussex; and had, with one daughter, two sons, viz.
Thomas, of whom we treat.
The younger son,

THOMAS HERVEY, espoused Jane, daughter and heir of Henry Drury, of Ickworth, Hawstead, etc; and with her acquired those estates.

He was succeeded at his decease by his son,

WILLIAM HERVEY, of Ickworth, Suffolk, who married Joan, daughter of John Cocket, of Ampton, Suffolk; and, dying in 1538, left, with other issue,
JOHN, his successor, of whom presently;
Mr Hervey of Ickworth was succeeded at his decease by his eldest son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Ickworth, whi died in 1556, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Ickworth, who wedded Frances, daughter and co-heir of Edmund Bocking, of Bocking, in Essex; and dying in 1630, was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR WILLIAM HERVEY, who married, in 1608, Susan, daughter of Sir Robert Jermyn, of Rushbrook, Suffolk; and dying in 1660, was succeeded by his eldest son,

JOHN HERVEY, of Ickworth; who enjoyed the friendship of Robert Sidney, 2nd Earl of Leicester, and sojourned with that accomplished nobleman during his embassy at the French court.

Concurring heartily with the restoration of CHARLES II, he was appointed Treasurer of the Household to the Queen Consort, CATHERINE.

In parliament he was one of the leading members.

Mr Hervey wedded the Hon Elizabeth Hervey, only surviving child and sole heiress of William, Lord Hervey, of Kidbrook; but dying without issue, in 1679, his estates devolved upon his only surviving brother,

SIR THOMAS HERVEY MP, who espoused Isabella, daughter of Sir Humphrey May, vice-chamberlain of the household to CHARLES I; and dying in 1694, was succeeded by his eldest surviving son,

JOHN HERVEY (1665-1751), a distinguished member of the House of Commons, who was elevated to the peerage, in 1703, in the dignity of Baron Hervey, of Ickworth, Suffolk.

His lordship was advanced to an earldom, in 1714, as EARL OF BRISTOL.

1st Earl of Bristol, Photo Credit: The National Trust, Ickworth

This nobleman wedded firstly, in 1686, Isabella, daughter and sole heiress of the Rt Hon Sir Robert Carr Bt, and granddaughter, maternally, of James, 3rd Earl of Suffolk, by whom he had a son, CARR, Lord Hervey, who predeceased him, and two daughters.

He married secondly, in 1695, Elizabeth, onlt daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Felton Bt, of Playford, Suffolk, by whom he had eleven sons and six daughters.

His lordship's two sons both predeceased him and, following his decease in 1751, he was succeeded by his grandson,

GEORGE WILLIAM (1721-75), 2nd Earl, who, in right of his grandmother, upon the demise of Henry, 10th Earl of Suffolk, became joint heir (with Elizabeth, 2nd wife of John, 1st Earl of Portsmouth) to that nobleman's estates, and to the barony of HOWARD DE WALDEN; but dying unmarried in 1775, all devolved upon his brother,

AUGUSTUS JOHN (1724-79), 3rd Earl; who, having adopted the naval profession, attained the rank of Vice-Admiral of the Blue.

His lordship married privately, in 1744, the celebrated Miss Chudleigh, who, 25 years later, in 1769, publicly espoused Evelyn Pierrepoint, 2nd Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull; for which offence her ladyship was impeached before the House of Lords, and the marriage declared unlawful.

She retired subsequently to the Continent, where she died in 1788.

His lordship, erstwhile Chief Secretary for Ireland and First Sea Lord, died without issue, 1779, and was succeeded by his brother,

The Earl Bishop,  Photo Credit: The National Trust, Ickworth

FREDERICK AUGUSTUS (1730-1803), Lord Bishop of Derry, as 4th Earl, who espoused, in 1752, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Jermyn Davers Bt, and sister and heir of Sir Charles Davers Bt, and had issue,
John Augustus (1757-96), Captain RN;
FREDERICK WILLIAM, his successor;
George (1755-65);
another son, died in infancy;
Mary Caroline, m John, 1st Earl of Erne;
Elizabeth Christiana, 5th Duchess of Devonshire;
Louisa Theodosia, m Robert, 2nd Earl of Liverpool.
Former seats ~ Ickworth, Suffolk; Downhill, County Londonderry. 
Former London residence ~ 6 St James's Square.

First published in December, 2014.  Bristol arms courtesy of European Heraldry.

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