Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The Barony

THE BARONY is the fifth degree of the peerage and ranks next below a viscount.

The BARONY OF DE ROSPremier Barony of England, was created in 1264, during the reign of HENRY III.

In olden times, it was deemed necessary in invest with robes the newly created baron in open parliament; and so lately as the era of JAMES I, that monarch in person solemnly inducted the barons, by enrobing each peer in scarlet, with a hood furred with miniver:

But in the same era it was determined to discontinue those ceremonies in future, the legal advisers of the Crown having declared that the delivery of the letters patent constituted a sufficient creation.

The most recent non-royal, hereditary barony to have been conferred was in 1965, when Mr John Granville Morrison, TD, DL, MP, was elevated to the peerage in the dignity of BARON MARGADALE, of Islay, Argyllshire.

Barons are styled "Right Honourable", and addressed officially by the Crown, "Right trusty and well beloved".

THE ROBES of a baron have two guards only of white fur, with as many rows of gold lace; in all other respects they correspond with the robes of the other peers.

THE CORONET was granted to barons by CHARLES II.

They wore previously but a plain circle of gold.

The coronet of a baron has four pearls set at equal distances upon the circle.

First published in December, 2013.

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