Saturday, 22 February 2020

Strand Hotel Invoice

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I found an invoice among several documents in a drawer recently at home.

The Strand Hotel, Portstewart, County Londonderry, was located at the end of the road where the resort's famous strand beach is.

It was established in 1932.

Strand Hotel, Portstewart

The Director in 1958 was Mrs A L S McGrath.

Golf, tennis and fishing we’re as popular as they remain today.

It's perhaps notable that the invoice contains columns for

  • Servants' Board
  • Morning Tea
  • Baths
  • Fires
  • High Tea
  • Supper
  • Phone & [Tele]grams


Phil McC said...

For quite a few years in the 1960s our extended family used to rent a house for the month of August in Burnside, Portstewart. We used to walk past the Strand hotel most days to and from the strand.I can still remember the different smells coming from the kitchens at breakfast, lunch and dinner times. My father talked of earlier times when business people and commercial travellers used to tour the towns of N Ireland. They all knew each other and the Strand Hotel was one of the great meeting points. After dinner and a few drinks everyone had to do their party piece, a song or recitation. My father's was the one that begins 'Come all ye dry land sailiors and listen to me song, it's only forty verses so it won't detain youse long'. I can still remember most of it and I particularly liked 'and passing through the Gas Works straight, a very dangerous part, we ran by onto a lump of coal that wasn't marked down in the chart'. Happy memories.

Unknown said...

Phil, your dad was singing the well known ballad, 'The cruise of the Calabar' which was sailing from Belfast to Portadown…