Sunday, 17 October 2021

Cork Palace

THE foundation of the bishopric of Cork is placed in the 7th century; that of Ross is unknown: they were united by ELIZABETH I in 1583.

The diocese of Cork has been ascribed to St Barr or Finbarr

Both sees are contained in County Cork, and are partly intermixed.

The diocese of Cork is 74 miles long from east to west, and about 16 broad.

The length of the principal part of Ross is 32 miles from east to west; and the breadth 8.

THE PALACE, CORK, is a compact three-storey block over a basement with a fanlighted doorway.

It was built ca 1782 by the Right Rev Isaac Mann, Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross, 1772-88, on the site of an earlier palace.

The palace remains the official residence of the Lord Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

The present Bishop is the Right Rev Dr Paul Colton.

First published in October, 2015.

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