Friday, 13 March 2020

County of Fermanagh

An inland county, Ulster's Lakeland, bounded on the north by County Tyrone, and County Donegal in the Irish Republic; on the north-east, by Tyrone; on the east, by Tyrone, and County Monaghan in the Irish Republic; on the south and south-west, by County Cavan in the Irish Republic; and on the west by counties Cavan and Leitrim, both in the Irish Republic.

Its boundary line, though occasionally formed by lakes, streams and watersheds, is so very interruptedly natural, and so generally artificial, that it may be pronounced altogether and even curiously capricious.

Its outline is roughly that of an oblong, extending from east-south-east to west-north-west; yet it may be more closely described as including a broad parallelogram in the direction of west by north, and an irregular sub-added feature of nearly equal area, and extending towards the north-west.

Its greatest length is about 35 miles; its greatest breadth, 20; and its area comprises about 457,000 acres, including 47,000 acres of water.

Cuilcagh Mountain, at 2,182 feet, is the highest peak.

First published in February, 2018.

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