Thursday, 5 May 2016

Killynether Visit

I spent half a day at Killynether Wood yesterday.

Killynether, comprising 42 acres of woodland, was acquired by the National Trust in 1937.

It's one of the oldest properties in Northern Ireland.

It lies roughly between Newtownards and Comber, County Down.

About ten of us were gathering and burning branches and cuttings from a hedge which runs beside Killynether Road.

There's a whitewashed house here, and a large field with three black horses.

There's also a large pond.

We lit two bonfires and burned the branches.

Tomasz and several others had brought along some food, including Nick's delicious smoked spare ribs from his own pig; and sausages with small potatoes and onions.

These were cooked in a heavy pot on the embers of the bonfire.

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