Monday, 16 May 2016

M&S Response

I have received a reply from Marks and Spencer regarding my remarks about Tastes of the British Isles:-

Thanks for contacting Steve Rowe about our Tastes of the British Isles range.

I’m a member of our Executive Office, and I hope you don’t mind that I’m replying on Steve’s behalf.

I’m sorry you’ve been disappointed with the packaging and logo for this range, and I appreciate you’ve been a loyal customer of ours.

We’re very proud of the Northern Irish suppliers we work with, and all our packaging is clearly labelled with details of where each product is sourced from.

We’re actually due to make some changes to this range, and we’ve used customer feedback to help us do that.

Tastes of the British Isles products that are labelled as being sourced from Northern Ireland will soon have an amended logo featuring a shamrock alongside the rose, daffodil and thistle.

Some similar products from Northern Ireland that are recognised as inherently Irish, like Irish pancakes, will feature a Taste of Ireland shamrock logo instead.

We’re due to introduce these changes in our next printing run, so it shouldn't be too long before you notice them in our stores.

In the meantime, we’re grateful for you getting in touch with your thoughts on this range.

I hope we’ll continue to see you in our stores, and I thank you again for contacting Steve.

Kind regards
George Mason
Executive Office
Your M&S Customer Service

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