Saturday, 8 February 2020

Brackenber House Dinner 2020

Last night (7th February, 2020) many Old Brackenbrians gathered once again at the Ulster Reform Club, Royal Avenue, Belfast, for our annual bash.

I managed to get a parking space at North Street, near the beginning of Rosemary Street.

When I arrived a dozen or more old boys were already there, in the Old Billiards Room on the top floor of the club.

It's always a pleasure to see old faces again, even if it's once a year, and last night was no exception.

There were fifty-five of us this year, almost identical to 2019.

Gordon Harvey and Donald Bannister always organize the dinner superbly.

The after-dinner speech was carried out with considerable aplomb and humour by CT Hogg.

It was a pleasure to meet Jeremy Burchill, who now lives in Yorkshire.

Please do send me your comments and recollections, old boys.

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