Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Family History

Despite what some readers might think, or any impression that I may inadvertently have given, I'm not a professional genealogist!

Nor do I have the time to undertake personal family research.

I obtain most of my information pertaining to family lineage from the Internet, specifically Victorian editions of peerages.

I'm well aware that these publications are not infallible, and information from readers of the blog about errors is welcome.

I say this because I'm receiving an increasing number of messages from people inquiring about their family history, or why their surnames have extra letters.

I'm cognisant that this revelation may come as a disappointment to those who have emailed me, and can only suggest that they contact an organization like the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, the Ulster Historical Foundation, or some such body that might have lists of genealogists.

Nevertheless, it's a fascinating pastime, particularly at the moment when many have spare time on their hands, so I wish those budding family historians the best of luck!

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