Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Lagan Gateway

Artist's Impression of the new Lagan Gateway

A decade ago (hard to believe the blog has been operating for so long) I wrote a small article about the potential restoration of the Lagan Canal.

Ten years ago. Good heavens.

Today, April 22nd, 2020, cement is being poured into structures for a brand new footbridge and lock at Stranmillis, Belfast.

In the artist's impression the new footbridge crosses the river Lagan from Stranmillis, and the new Lock One can also be seen (where the boat is moored).

This will be Lock One.

The original Lock One, commonly known as Molly Ward's Lock, was at the location of the present car-park in Lockview Road.

Molly and her husband, by the way, ran a very popular tavern here during the 18th century.

Lock Two (Mickey Taylor's) ca 1840.  Photo Credit: Ulster Folk Museum

I should imagine that the next lock to be restored would be Lock Two, also known as Taylor's Lock.

Mickey Taylor was a former lock-keeper.

Lock Two in April, 2020

Lock Two is at Belvoir forest park.

Lock Two looking towards Belfast

The canal splits from the river at this point, and a small bridge adjacent to the lock links the towpath to the island, the lock-keeper's path, and Moreland’s Meadow.

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