Friday, 18 December 2020

The Plight of the Big House in Northern Ireland: I

An unexpected visitor arrived this morning, viz. J A K Dean, the distinguished author of several illustrated books about Ulster heritage.

I have two of his books, the Gate Lodges of Ulster, and the Plight of the Big House in Northern Ireland.

The latter of the two has only just been published by the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society.

Dixie called with me this morning and, to my absolute delight and surprise, presented me with a copy of the Plight of the Big House in Northern Ireland.

I intend to write more about it when I've perused it.

I immediately recognized the mansion featured on the front cover: Norwood Tower, former residence of the Hendersons, erstwhile proprietors of the Belfast Newsletter newspaper, and directors of Ulster Television.

I am extremely grateful to Dixie and, like his indispensable Gate Lodges of Ulster, I am in no doubt that this latest book shall prove to be as authoritative a publication. 

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