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Warehouse Lane

Waring Street from Warehouse Lane, Belfast (Image: Timothy Ferres, 2021)

WAREHOUSE LANE in Belfast is a short, narrow street which runs from 12 Waring Street to Exchange Place.

Marcus Patton, OBE, in his indispensable historical gazetteer of central Belfast, informs us that it might have existed in 1791, though the Lane was practically non-existent by the 1980s.

Warehouse Lane's one and only establishment today is the restaurant, The Muddlers Club, which currently has one Michelin Star.

Warehouse Lane, looking towards Exchange Place
(Image: Timothy Ferres, 2021)

Belfast members of the Society of United Irishmen met secretly in Warehouse Lane at the very end of the
18th century, calling themselves the Muddlers Club.

In 1943, the following businesses operated at the Lane:-

  • Mack, Hugh, & Co., goods entrance
  • Young & Anderson Ltd., goods entrance
  • McCormick & Co. Ltd., goods entrance
  • Eason & Sons Ltd., garage
  • McNally & Son, goods entrance

Warehouse Lane was restored or re-opened in 2008, which might explain why there's still no street signage, either at the Waring Street end or the Exchange Place end.

Belfast City Council presently does not recognize the Lane, despite its being in existence from the 18th century till at least 1974, when the said businesses operated.

Warehouse Lane (Image: Alexander R Hogg, 1937)

The Ulster Bank was established in 1836 at premises in Waring Street, opposite Warehouse Lane.

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