Thursday, 1 April 2021

Tullynakill Visit

(Image: Timothy Ferres, 2021)

TODAY I cycled to the historic parish of TULLYNAKILL, about three miles from Comber, County Down.

The route I took was along the old Belfast-Comber railway line, now a tarmacked pedestrian and cycle way.

My tour began where the Bloomfield railway station used to be, passing Neill's Hill, Knock, and Dundonald; emerging eventually on the outskirts of Comber.

I bypassed Comber, turning off at Ballydrain Road; past Castle Espie; the Old Schoolhouse restaurant; taking a left turn on to Tullynakill Road.

Tullynakill Old Church (Image: Timothy Ferres, 2021)

A little further along this narrow country road I reached my destination, Tullynakill parish church, or its remains.

Tullynakill Burial Ground (Image: Timothy Ferres, 2021)

The old church remains, dating from 1639, are now in state care, surrounded on all sides by the burial-ground.

Remains of Tullynakill "New" Church (Image: Timothy Ferres, 2021)

Not far from the old church there was a more recent church, erected in 1825, demolished in 1970.

The entrance to this church was at the spot where my bike was parked, and it stood against the wall of the graveyard.

The remains of this late Georgian church are overgrown by ivy, nettles, and brambles.

Tullynakill "New" Church (Image: Rev Dr Stanley Gamble)

Do any readers have more recent photographs of the Georgian church prior to 1970, when it was demolished?

Having spent about forty minutes there I mounted my bike and made my way home, a return journey of 24 miles.

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