Saturday, 2 October 2010

Corralejo: IV

I went to see a Barbra Streisand tribute act at an establishment called Castaways last night. The singer, Lisa Faye, certainly had a powerful voice and could easily belt out all the popular numbers. She told us that she'd been performing at the Edinburgh Festival and was returning to the UK on Sunday. Two couples from the north of England came and sat down at my table, so I chatted with them till the interval when I made my departure.

This morning I fried a few rashers of that good bacon by Oscar Mayer in the microwave oven, and ate them with buttered toast. Very tasty. I've spent the day at El Cotillo again.


The Capt. said...

Fry Bacon in a microwave oven? Good god man,are you are going "native"? Return to base immediately.

Anonymous said...

How would such a thing even be done??


Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Simple, really:

1. spread rashers on a Pyrex dish.
2. Cover with kitchen towel.
3. Turn on high setting for about 1 and a half minutes per rasher, or till sizzling ceases.
4. bring out and spread crispy rashers on clean tissue or towel.

Result: very crispy, streaky bacon!