Saturday, 26 March 2011

All a Goggle!

Whilst swimming the constitutional sixty lengths during the week, my Speedo goggles finally gave up the ghost. I invariably swim using the front-crawl stroke and the silicone band on the goggles simply snapped.

I swam the remainder - about fifty lengths - without goggles and, by Jove, the old eyes didn't half smart, or sting. It must be the chlorine added to the water, I imagine.

Consequently, when I was in central Belfast yesterday, I popped into the Athletic Stores (is it now owned by Moores?) in Queen Street and had a look at goggles.

In addition to the Speedos they were selling Italian ones, called Aqua Sphere, which I have never heard of (the Ferraris of swimming!); so I inquired about them and, despite the £17.99 price-tag, I bought 'em.

Bearing in mind that I swim two hundred lengths a week, I'm hopeful that the extra cost shall be worthwhile.

My Canon i250 printer is playing up a touch as well, so I've bought a new HP "all-in-one" printer. The Which? Magazine seems to rate them highly.

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