Saturday, 26 March 2011

Opera Ticket

I managed to reserve a seat in Row A of the dress circle at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, for a production of Rigoletto this June.

It cost me £47, including their administration "fee"! Almost as dear as an amphitheatre seat at Covent Garden.

I do hope it's worth it; I haven't been to the GOH for more than a year.

And I shan't let our Worthies sitting on the Arts Council of Northern Ireland forget that they destroyed one of our few half-decent seasonal events of the social year in the Province, Castleward Opera, by withholding adequate funding (doubtless preferring to squander our money on something else).

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Mad Mandy Moans said...

You are my opposite number Mr Bond. I started reading your rants and heard myself ranting in every word. I am crying with laughter but truth is you hit the nail on the head. Over and over again.
I love you. MMX