Sunday, 20 March 2011

Belmont Park

The Friends of Belmont Park have contacted me to raise awareness of developments at a section of Belmont Park at Cairnburn Road in east Belfast.

I am informed that almost three acres of park-land have been transferred to Strathearn School for extra hockey pitches; and in excess of 300 trees were felled in a day (the day before 1st March, nesting season). The work also uncovered a badger outlier sett and latrine pit.

Belfast City Council states that the land has been sold to the School.

It would not be unreasonable for ratepayers to know how much money the sale raised and why it was sold.

The Friends of Belmont Park are trying to halt all further work until the end of the breeding season. Moreover, the Friends are endeavouring to find out some history to the park, who owned the land, was it bequeathed to the council, were there any agreements in place etc.

They have a Facebook page:

Belfast City Council states that Belmont Park is a semi-wild space in east Belfast. It includes a network of paths which lead through grassland, wild flower meadows and copses of bluebells and trees. A footbridge also provides access across the ring road from one side of the park to the other. Adjacent to the park is an allotment site; and there is also a children's playground.


"A portion of land, formerly in Belmont Park, has been transferred to Strathearn School and is currently being redeveloped to provide new sporting facilities for the school. As a condition of the sale, the school agreed that the local community will have access to the new sports facilities once building work is complete.

We [Belfast City Council] will also be undertaking work to enhance the biodiversity of the park and have plans in place to plant trees and a wildflower meadow. Our staff have also liaised with Strathearn School's contractor to secure the construction site for the safety of park users and erect a fence around the site".

For more information, call the park manager on 028 9049 1813.
For more information about the park, call 07721 537410 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 4.30pm only) or email


Unknown said...

Its worth meantioning that the council did not consult with the local community/residents over the transfer of land. Also although the community will have access to the pitches, we do not know what that will be - nor do we need it as there are ample pitches in the area to use. Please support us by signing the petion!

Anonymous said...

How did this ever get passed?
One of the few Meadowlands in East Belfast Gone....Why ....To build a couple of hockey pitches.
The council seem to have gone against thier own Green policy.
Shame on you B.C.C.

Posted by a discussed CRAIG

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of an occasion at cabin hill a few years ago. They felled half the trees known as the 'huts' between campbell and cabin hill pitches. That was a sad day.

Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Likewise at Castleward the top end of the estate has been decimated. I can barely go in anymore as it is so depressing.