Sunday, 6 March 2011

El Cotillo: Day I +

Well Timothy Belmont has decadently lazed on the beach the whole day. I arose from the ethereal slumber early(ish), before eight this morning.

Breakfast at the hotel is "continental-style": Rolls, cereal, fruit-juice, hard-boiled eggs, ham, cheese, tomato, coffee ... one gets the drift.

For "lunch" I had a large apple and a banana (though his lordship is compensating for this by a large Tanqueray in his room).

I am told that the sea-water is cold; outside temperature is an agreeable 22-23c.

I'm in the Universal Bar, my saviour owing to a web connection.


Anonymous said...

Once you try Tanquery, other gin are left in the shade. Mind you, Plymouth Gin is not half bad and Larios is a reasonable tipple too!

Timothy Belmont said...

Fear not, I'll manage the lot. ;-)