Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mare Alta Restaurant

I ate last night at a demi-stylish little Tapas restaurant called Mare Alta in El Cotillo. I arrived just in time, since the most courteous proprietor had time to explain the various dishes to me in detail.

Not long after I'd arrived and seated myself, the "flood-gates" opened and customers ambled in - a steady stream till the place was almost full; and mine host did most of the waiting, bills etc himself!

He brought the customery basket with bread and another tray with alioli (runny but garlicky).

I had little dishes of mushrom and garlic slices heated in oil; a sort of beef stew, again very hot in oil; and a thick wedge of Spanish tortilla; with a good mixed and dressed salad.

Including a bottle of carbonated water, the bill came to a reasonable €15.

I intended to leave him a tip but only had notes; and, when I went up to the counter for change, he was so busy that I just left. If I'm there again I'll leave them a good tip.

The Mare Alta is probably the best place I've been to so far.

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Anonymous said...

My spanish friends do not tip or if they do it is a very modest tip. Aparently it is not expected.
Having said that I DO tip!
sammy M