Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Posh Baked Beans!

Believe it or not Timothy Belmont still consumes baked beans, very occasionally. I am having them this evening - for a light snack - and I have opened a can of Branston's "Bloomin' Big" baked beans "in a rich and tasty tomato sauce".

I tasted the sauce and, like most of them, it is not particularly rich in flavour. I have a habit of buying the "value" baked beans, not because they're better value; but because I pour our most of the runny sauce and add my own tomato purée, Worcestershire Sauce and a little Demerara sugar. This makes for a much richer sauce indeed.

Nor do the beans don't seem to be much larger in size, so I shall revert to the cheap cans in future!


belfast cabby said...

Try adding a little curry powder to a tin of baked beans when you heating them, much nicer than it sounds!

Timothy Belmont said...

Great tip! Wilco. :0)