Saturday, 26 March 2011

Bramble Bash

It was a truly fine day at Minnowburn today, where we met to clear a large area of undergrowth beside the River Lagan close to Shaw's Bridge in Belfast.

There must have been more than two dozen of us, most of the volunteers coming from the Lagan Valley group headed by Jo Boylan. The ratio must have been 75:25 because the NT group numbered six.

We used loppers, slashers and spades.

We ate our packed lunches at a picnic table beside the Warden's Office, which is adjacent to the allotments. 


Irishlad said...

You mentioned once that Terrace Hill was re-built in 1936.Who has occupied it since then until now?

Timothy Belmont said...

Craig told me their name and I can't remember it! He's a successful business man or pharmacist, I think.

They have a pack of Irish Wolfhounds.

Irishlad said...

Cheers,it's in private hands then.