Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Dame Mary

I encountered the delightful Dame Mary Peters in Belfast today. I introduced myself and did allude - in passing - to Lord Belmont!

How lovely Dame Mary is, so charming and the warmth of her personality truly shines through.

The last time I met Dame Mary was indeed many, many summers ago; and, furthermore, young Lord Sydenham was wearing short trousers. Ha!

Dame Mary Peters DBE is HM Lord-Lieutenant for the County Borough of Belfast.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that would have been at a BHS sports day...correct?

Timothy Belmont said...

In the 60s, my father was a member of McShane's Health Club in Upper Arthur St.

One Mary Peters trained there and I saw her frequently!

Irishlad said...

In 1972 Don McBride a teacher at our school knew Mary very well and invited her along to show all the boys the Gold Medal she won,i'll always cherish that memory.