Friday, 11 March 2011

Rain and Gin

The last few days have been cool, breezy and damp on the island. I remain hopeful that the sun will shortly appear. My bedroom window was actually condensated when I woke, due to lashing rain.

El Cotillo has some Surfing Tourism and virtually everyone at my "hotel" surfs, except self; and I have been the sole British guest here. Although they all speak good English, when they congregate and socialize the native tongue is naturally inclined to be spoken.

I've practically finished off a bottle of Tanqueray within five days, too much too soon, so I'll endeavour to refrain from "it" for the duration (ar at least moderate the intake thereof!).


Irishlad said...

Listen up my good man,i drink like a bloody fish,so much so a friend of mine bet me £100 i couldn't lay off it for a month. Well i problem and was a hundred quid richer to boot!

Anonymous said...

You will refrain from "it" - I hadn't realised that you were taking your gin with vermouth! So will you now just take it neat?
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Timothy Belmont said...

It runs in the old veins!