Monday, 21 March 2011

Park Deforestation


I straddled the trusty bike earlier and rode over to Belmont Park, the purpose being to view the tree clearance there for myself.

A section adjacent to Strathearn School and CIYMS Sports Club has been deforested of small trees. The remains of a grassy public path can still be seen, though the area is now unattractive.

The "site" has been cleared and obviously awaits further clearance and construction work of some sort.


Sandy said...

Plenty of good woodchip for mulching the Belmont borders, though!

Timothy Belmont said...

Shhhh, I intended to cycle up there tonight with a sack. ;-)

belfast cabby said...

this used to be a great wee place to walk our puppy, and safe too. We met the morning dog walkers once a week and had great fun, Ruby running through the trees, she was in her element. It was sad when we went in one lunch time to be told it was in the process of being cleared.
It was a quiet place to wonder round and no glass unlike the other wooded area nearby.
BTW we where told by staff to take what u wanted of the wood, I suppose it saves them from clearing it

Gavin Bamford said...

There should have been planning permission for this 'change of use'. Were there any 'listed' trees on the site? process some 'freedom of Information' queries via What Do They Know public FOI site.

nick said...

I walk round Belmont Park regularly but I hadn't noticed that cleared section. I think it's a disgrace that Belfast Council even considered selling part of the park, it's a precious open space and the school should look for land somewhere else.