Monday, 3 September 2012

Alan in Belfast

I am indebted to Alan, because his own blog, Alan In Belfast, inspired me to create Lord Belmont in 2007.

I wonder if he recalls my contacting him for advice about it five years ago? A year or so later, several of us met at a restaurant on the Belmont Road, Belfast, for a natter and meal.

You played a part in creating the Belmont Phenomenon - or should that be the Phenomenal Belmont? -  Alan!

Alan has written another great post about his trip to the new National Trust Giant's Causeway visitor centre today; articulated to a far greater degree than my post about it three weeks ago.

To be truthful, my posting was slightly - shall we say - diplomatic, given that I really do whole-heartedly concur with Alan's sentiments on his experiences there, and the virtual golf-course he alludes to.


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

You took to blogging like a duck to water! And you even obey the cardinal rule of building an audience by being very consistent in your subject matter!

I do remember those early conversations ...

Hope you enjoy another 5 years and more of blogging, together with the events, meetings and random experiences that it throws up in somewhere so small as NI.

Anonymous said...

You are a champion blogger; keep up the good work. Your best blogs are observational - let's have more about your experiences in NI eating houses, pubs and, especially, coffee shops. Did I read recently that you have never had a coffee on the Belmont Road - shame and disgrace!

R Wombat

Timothy Belmont said...

Well many thanks for the kind words. You are right, Wombat; I really must sample the Strandtown coffee-houses.

Where do you suggest I begin?

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest a project, starting at Bennett's (bottom left) and working your way up to Belmont Towers; not all on the same day! I'm sure you will enjoy the exercise and many of us will enjoy reding about your tour of his Lordship's demesne.

R Wombat