Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rt Hon E J Pickles

As Sir P G Wodehouse might have said:

This man Pickles, you must understand, was not one of those men who are lightly kept from the tea-table.

A hearty trencherman, and particularly fond of his five o'clock couple of cups and bite of muffin, he had until this afternoon always been well up among the leaders in the race for the food-trough. 

If one thing was certain, it was that only the machinations of some enemy could be keeping him from being in the drawing-room now, complete with nose-bag.


The Earl Bishop said...

The Labourite, The Lord Prescott, professes bulimia as the cause of his current constitution.

Timothy Belmont said...

Bulimia? Ha ha! Shouldn't laugh, mind you.