Sunday, 23 September 2012

Gran Canaria: I

Timothy Belmont is suitably installed and presently having a refreshing freshly-squeezed orange juice at a street bar in the resort.

It is hot here ~ late eighties or nineties, I should imagine. 28-30 degrees Celsius, in continental-speak.

I met an agreeable couple from Coventry and we enjoyed a chin-wag and drink this morning, self sipping mere cola.

Harvey works at Land-Rover and told me about the new Range-Rover coming imminently. He drives a Range-Rover himself.

I bought a bottle of Bombay gin, tonic-water, a lemon, and all the usual staples this morning.

The bananas are remarkably large. Their skins are much thicker than those at home.


Lynn said...

Sounds lovely.

Anonymous said...

Harvey seems like the kind of guy would tell you in detail the route he took to get from his home to East Midlands airport

Unknown said...

I always enjoy reading your posts.

Have a rip-roaring time in the Canaries!

Timothy Belmont said...

There's Life in young Belmont yet. ;-)