Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Gran Canaria: III

I went for a stroll this morning, after breakfast, towards a palatial hotel on the edge of the sand dunes. Twitchers, I spotted my first hoopoe, about five yards from me.

At approximate intervals of three hundred yards, there are public weighing scales on the foot-paths in this resort. Is this a subtle inference for those of us with a beady eye on the old doughnuts every hour or so?

Their maximum payload seems to be 120 kilogrammes, whatever that is in pounds and ounces. the Earl of Belmont's inconsiderable bulk may not register thereon (!).

These prehistoric scales used to grace every chemist's shop in the British Isles. Did the British Pharmaceutical Association do a deal with Gran Canaria a few decades ago?

I HAD A very good meal last night. Dali's was closed. I'd been recommended another establishment called Brasserie Entre Nous.

Its aspect is quite unpretentious, akin to a bistro. Nevertheless, Isaac & Nadia are purveyors of jolly good nosh.

I had the fillets of pork, served in a fine wholegrain mustard sauce, with various artfully prepared vegetables, including broccoli, baby carrot and potato.

The potato, however, was served in a kind of oblong cake.

This main course Timothy Belmont professed to be very good indeed.

I was brought a basket of the ubiquitous bread. Alas, they had no alioli, though there was abundant creamy mustard sauce on the plate.

I had a glass of red plonk with the meal.

For pudding, I opted for the chocolate mousse. No complaints here, either.

The meal set me back €20, excluding the tip.


Lionel Hoxton-Grant said...

you are missing the atrocious weather that has battered Ulster. However, you will be relieved to know the keep of Belmont Castle is still standing amid the flood water, as it has since the 16th century and the arrival of the first Belmonts, to quell the'rug-headed kerns' as Shakespeare called them !

Anonymous said...

Was it the blue-crested hoopoe? VC