Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Rowallane Café

I spent the afternoon at Rowallane demesne, near Saintfield, County Down. Rowallane is the regional GHQ of the National Trust.

I had been invited to join Craig, Strangford Lough warden, at a seminar about social media networking.

The Trust is actively encouraging properties throughout England, Northern Ireland and Wales to embrace the likes of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube blogging sites.

The seminar lasted about two hours.

Afterwards, Mike showed us round the ground floor of Rowallane House, which has been transformed into a reception area for visitors to the property.

Brand new facilities include a shop, exhibition foyer, and a lovely new café, complete with outside terrace. The café has a bright, colourful décor which enhances the beauty of the room.

It opens from Thursdays to Sundays at present.

Earlier I picked almost four pounds of blackberries in the estate.

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