Sunday, 2 September 2012

Divis Munitions Store

Today I motored up the Belfast hills to the National Trust's splendid Divis and Black Mountain property.

There were quite a few walkers, many with their dogs.

I had a chat with the member of staff on duty at the Long Barn.

My curiosity required to be satisfied regarding the conspicuous structure on the heathland en route to the Black Mountain.

On closer inspection, it is relatively recent, probably dating from the 2nd World War. It is built of breeze blocks and corrugated iron; and has recently been painted.

I fancy it was a munitions store and even a shooting-range, judging by the heavy strong-room door, electricity and large, panoramic, rectangular window.

More recently, it has been used as a byre.

Divis mountain was formerly Ministry of Defence property.

If any readers have any knowledge or memories they'd like to share about it as a military base, please leave a comment.

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Gavin Bamford said...

MOD Shooting Range in the 70's and 80's used by the UDR whenever Ballykinlar or Magilligan were busy.