Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gran Canaria: IV

You recall the little restaurant I alluded to the other day? It goes by the name of Dali's. Well, it was open last night, so I perused the menu again briefly and loitered a few seconds till the proprietor greeted me.

He said I could sit at any table I wished, except the reserved one.

This is a very small establishment, dear readers. Its complement of tables is about eight, at a push. Most are outside on the terrace.

Dali's is a gem amongst swine. the chef-owner is an artist in his spare time. His oil paintings adorn one of the windows.

Dali's states that it is romantic in ambiance; unique and relaxed. Works of art abound.

I was shown the menu. Gourmet prawn cocktail is an item on the menu that Timothy Belmont finds almost irresistible. I ordered it.

Subsequently I chose the "orchestra" of halibut and Salmon in a rich, cream sauce.

Wolfie, the owner, brought me a refreshing aperitif served with ice-cubes in a brandy balloon glass; with tiny cubes of toast and a sort of pate.

By this stage, the tiny restaurant was almost full with patrons.

My prawn cocktail arrived, served in a glass dish shaped like a conch-shell.

This starter was superb: The seafood sauce had been blended to the perfect consistency, with the appropriate tangy balance of tomato sauce and mayonnaise. There were dozens of prawns and four or five lettuce-leaves arranged round the side of the dish.

The top was crowned with a peeled tomato which resembled a red rose (had they guessed my ancestry?). Ha!

Service is diligent:. This is, however, not a place to frequent if you are in a hurry.. The grub is prepared freshly and to order. You can sit at your table for as long as you wish, soaking in the decadent atmosphere and courteous service.

My main course arrived. It was served in a cast-iron, deep-sided pot affair. The salmon and halibut were nestling in a sublime sauce of cream, mild mustard and lord knows what else. Suffice it to state that this concoction hot the spot, bang on target.

I was brought a side plate of what looked like champ, as we fondly call it in Ulster: mashed potato and spring onions ~ scallions.

To complement this course, another side plate of mixed salad in balsamic vinegar was presented to me.

for such a diminutive restaurant, they perform culinary masterpieces here; nay, miracles.

Rest assured, friends, the Belmont nose-bag was firmly affixed for an hour or two here.

I washed it all down with a large glass of red wine. Wolfie asked me if I'd like coffee. He duly brought a small cup of fine coffee, served on a tiny silver-coloured salver, with a ginger biscuit.

The bill came to about €30.

Needless to add, I shall revisit Dali's soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! That's only about £24 ! What tremendous value ! Maybe you shouldn't publicise it : keep it your secret !