Friday, 28 September 2012

Gran Canaria: VI

Timothy Belmont enjoyed another good gastronomic time at Dali's last night. The Tournedos Rossini was too tempting to ignore; the noble gnashers were prepared for Business.

I ordered a glass of the white house wine and the ever-diligent Wolfie brought me a sort of carafe.

The little morsels of  bread and a vegetable spread in a tiny dish, with the refreshing aperitif served in brandy balloon, arrived first.

Dali's was quiet when I arrived, though I was early. 

As I anticipated, the main course was presented to me after awhile: A fine fillet of beef, thick-cut, cooked perfectly for me ~ medium-rare.

This was quite a simple dish. I thought there might have been a few more green vegetables or their dressed salad, though Wolfie brought me a dish of Belgian frites.

In the event, the little chips went well with the Tournedos, however.

You shan't be at all surprised, therefore, that I cleaned my plate.

I attached the nose-bag again for the next round: Crema Catalana, a Spanish version of creme brulee.

Thus the noble gnashers were given a rest.

The bill came to about €33. I paid by credit card, though have a feeling I forgot to leave a tip.

The best remedy, perhaps, would be to leave a generous gratuity the next time.

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