Thursday, 27 September 2012

Gran Canaria: V+

The swimming here is simply divine. The sea-water is temperate; a fair bit warmer than Ulster's waters at Portballintrae Bay.

I have a pair of flip-flops manufactured by a company called Crocs. These are, of course, the kind of footwear where one's big toe inserts itself between the shoe.

Alas, despite having worm them for a few years, they remain uncomfortable: The part between my right second toe has chafed it, causing a little wound which needs some time to heal.

Consequently, I cannot wear the right Croc without aggravating the cut skin until it heals.

I have stuck part of a plaster on the wound, though the wretched Croc chafes that, too.

I am wearing my sand-coloured  Desert Boots at present.

I'm tempted to get rid of them and use my Havaiana flip-flops instead (I use these at the swimming-pool at home).

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