Sunday, 11 January 2009

More Hedge-Laying At Gibb's Island

I only took an apple and a banana with me on Saturday. It was the first meeting of the National Trust volunteers' weekend group since Christmas. I usually bring sandwiches; however, since I've been indulging in big breakfasts and a lot more this past week in London, I wanted to ease off a touch. This notion was in vain, as it tuned out, since Patricia offered me two fingers of Kit-Kat (irresistible) and Anna passed round her home-made fruit-cake into the bargain!

I arrived at beautiful Gibb's Island slightly late, at about 9.40 am. Initially there was no sign of anyone; Craig's pick-up vehicle is normally parked in view. I walked along one side of the island, the wrong choice it transpired. They were all at the leeward side, because it was so windy on the other side.

There was a good turn-out on Saturday: twelve, including some staff. We made very good progress with our hedge-laying, creating quite a few yards of new hedge from the hawthorn trees bedside the old wall which surrounds the wood. It is thought that the wall was originally built merely as a feature of the landscape. Gibb's Island was part of the Delamont Estate nearby. Of course it also would have afforded some protection to the newly-planted wood. Today the National Trust has reinstated the old practice of cattle-grazing at certain times of the year; Galloway cattle are used.

We carried on till about 3.30pm before departing.

I collected the Dowager at about 4.30. In the evening we didn't even indulge in a take-away meal! We munched away at freshly-made salmon and mayonnaise sandwiches instead. I may make a kedgeree this evening.

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