Monday, 12 January 2009

Roast Beef And Kensington Flask

I bought virtually nothing during my trip to London. Turnbull and Asser did have a sale of selected shirts; but not the classic ones I was interested in. I sought a royal blue Bengal stripe shirt. I already have one with a white collar.

I ventured in to several shoe shops, including Church's. I fancied a pair of slip-on thick leather monk shoes; but they hadn't my size. I'll go back to Reid's in Belfast instead soon.

While I was at Kensington Palace, a diminutive waistcoat flask caught my eye. It was monogrammed with a crown and the Palace's name (the one to the right has another royal palace) ; and it wasn't an unreasonable price. I bought it. It shall suffice perfectly well for a dram of my Rusty Nail concoction.

As I mentioned previously, there was a Tesco Express supermarket on Tottenham Court Road, near Warren Street tube station. I noticed the Finest Roast Beef Sandwiches on the shelf; they looked appetizing enough at about £2.50, so I bagged them. I ate them back at my accommodation and, I can say, they were delicious! I'm looking forward to buying them again, if they are sold in the Province. They were well filled with lean beef; just the right amount of creamy horseradish sauce, which was not too fiery. Sumptuous.

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