Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tesco Finest British Roast Beef Sandwiches

I've never been a great fan of horseradish. It's a touch fiery for my palate. That is until I came across Tesco's Finest British Roast Beef Sandwiches whilst on a recent trip to London. I've seen the light!

I consider £2.50 expensive for a round of sandwiches; I certainly don't spend that much on a sandwich all the time. Seldom, in fact.

Nevertheless, I can recommend these sandwiches. Each pack contains a considerable 400 calories, 17% fat and 45% of your daily salt requirement! So they'd be an occasional treat.

Their description is: "roast beef with lettuce, creamed horseradish sauce, mustard mayonnaise and salad cress on malted brown bread". Try uttering that after you've had a dram or two!

I have just bought a pack of them today at the building site called Tesco Knocknagoney, in case I go to Gibb's Island for a spot of hedge-laying tomorrow. Incidentally, anyone who likes shopping at Tesco Knocknagoney at present must be a masochist! Their construction work finishes on the 9th September, 2009, according to the notice-board.


Anonymous said...

Tesco sandwiches are made by dirty immigrants in factories dont BUY them ever

Anonymous said...

Ban these sandwiches and let the officials look into the factorys

Anonymous said...

I will no longer eat these and have made references to all my collegues and firms here in UK

Anonymous said...

an undercover operation and full investigations are warranted into any employers who employ illegal immigrants.The factory mentioned must be 100% checked into.