Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Disloyal Rogers

Who the blazes does Lord Rogers think he is? He's merely a modernist architect, undoubtedly being paid a handsome sum by those who favour his type of architecture; you know, that Inside-Out style, over more traditional tastes and values.

I listened to him pontificating on BBC Radio Four this morning; and I thought that the piece was unbalanced and one-sided, because there was nobody to challenge Rogers with the alternative stance. Rogers had the soap-box to himself.

Here is a man who has been hailed and honoured by New Labour socialists and others to such an extent that he sits in the House of Lords and is legally styled the Right Honourable Richard George Baron Rogers of Riverside, CH.

Rogers is a man piqued. He's a supporter and member of the Labour Party, by the way. Rogers is a man who is accustomed to getting his own way; and he has been trumped, thank Heaven, by the Prince of Wales.

I am no architect, nor an expert in any particular field. However, I do know what I like and dislike. Rogers' architectural style is modernist and "inside-out".

Prince Charles's antagonists claim that HRH is against progress, whatever that means. Nonsense. Witness HRH's excellent development at Poundbury in Dorset. If HRH believes that Rogers' proposal is unsympathetic and unsuitable, that is good enough for me. I trust Prince Charles. HRH is also right to refrain from entering a public war of words with Rogers, despite Rogers' taunts.

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