Sunday, 7 June 2009

Solar Protection?

I've just been reading an interesting piece in today's Sunday Times newspaper; the article is actually by Which?, the consumer magazine. It is about sun lotions.

Apparently some large retailers are up to their old tricks again, claiming that particular lotions boast a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of, say, 15 when the actual level of SPF is as low as 9.3! How misleading is that? The mighty Tesco hasn't come out of this survey unscathed, either.

Which? recommends ASDA as their principal Best Buy at £3. Their Factor 15 is nearer to an SPF of 24; Nivea, Superdrug and Boots are commended as well.

I imagine such premium brands as Piz Buin offer the genuine article and SPF, at a price. If you are that fussy about Label Image, buy the ASDA stuff and decant it into a Piz Buin bottle!

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