Sunday, 21 June 2009

Lacklustre Horror Movie

Following some deliberation last night we opted to have a fish supper from the best emporium in our vicinity, John Dory's. I motored over there and ordered two cods and one portion of chips.

In my experience, it's always the case that the size and quality of the cod in chip shops can vary occasionally. Presumably this is due to seasonal availability. Tonight, however, it was excellent - even better than the battered fish I consumed at the Mourne Seafood Bar in Dundrum several months ago. The cod was fairly generous in size; the batter just so; but the fish itself was so succulent and delicate, pure white and flaky - always a very good sign.

As I've always said before, consistency is vitally important: the quality of the fish, batter, length of cooking - so many variables in fact. To my mind Dory's is hard to beat; in our locality, at least.

The movie experience was poor, tonight. I paid £5.80 for a ticket at Storm Cinemas in the Odyssey Pavilion, Belfast. I usually enjoy the horror genre; not tonight, sadly. I watched The Last House On The Left and found the action so gratuitous with a particularly weak finale, where the murderer's head was cooked in a microwave oven "what are ya doin', doc?"

I spotted several patrons timing it to arrive exactly ten minutes after the start time of 8:55, which I deemed a good idea since most of the banal advertisements can be avoided. I took exception to two of the adverts in particular, for Discover Ireland and Club Orange drinks; however, suffice it to say that I'll leave it at that, without divulging the details. I might go to the Odeon Cinema the next time instead. Incidentally, Screen 12 at Storm Cinemas seemed, initially at least, to be out of focus last night. Had there been a staff member about, I might have queried this.


Anonymous said...


Storm is generally, in my opinion a mistake. Heavily overpriced, frequently out of focus / too loud / too warm / too cold etc. The VIP is worth it for a long film however.

The best we find is actually the Moviehouse at Yorkgate (Citygate I believe now), teh seats are much more comfortable than Storm or Odeon as they have all been recently refurbished. And teh parkings free!


Timothy Belmont said...

Morning Roger,

That's a great tip. I've been to Moviehouse before and enjoyed it; it's just a little further away for me. Not much further, though; especially as I don't see that many movies!

I wonder if the Moviehouse on Dublin Road has similar standards?

All the best, Tim

Anonymous said...

Moviehouse in Dublin Road tends to attract a more noisy crowd oddly. We prefer Yorkgate.