Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Hon. Alan Clark, 1928 - 1999

I am convinced that, had he survived and been so inclined, Alan Clark would have made a brilliant blogger.

Although he achieved high - though not the highest - office as a Minister of State, the late Alan Clark had a refreshingly independent streak as a politician and member of Parliament. Indeed, he could sometimes appear a maverick! Despite these characteristics, Clark's loyalty remained steadfast and exemplary towards the Great Lady while she was in Office. His attitude to some of his disloyal ministerial colleagues, when Lady Thatcher was deposed, was one of contempt.

I liked him all the more for this. Admirable; and he was undeniably a great diarist, not least due to his candour and literary prowess. I approved of his politics, to a large degree, as well.

I have his complete diaries; and an excellent book he wrote about motoring and classic cars - his passion - called Back Fire.

He became the Honourable Alan Clark when his father, the Lord Clark, was elevated to the Peerage as a life baron; and subsequently became Right Honourable when he was appointed a Privy Councillor.

The Right Honourable Alan Clark, MP, died in 1999.

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