Thursday, 10 September 2009

Station Closures

A chief superintendent of the Northern Ireland police constabulary claims that Ballyclare police station "has been attended by an average of fewer than six callers a day". Following that logic, if the station is closed down, there shall be no callers at all.

If the general public knows that a station has limited and inconvenient opening hours, they shan't have the confidence to pay it a visit.

What on earth are these so-called representatives on the police Authority - they call themselves the policing board - doing? How can it be in the interests of the general public for any police station to close? What sort of police service is that?

Must we be satisfied with a couple of young, inexperienced coppers driving through a village or town in their comfortable car, hardly stopping for anything except a takeaway?

If they have stooped down to the level where they want to close down police stations, they obviously require more constables.

Enter the Northern Ireland Office, their paymaster. If the NIO - and the Brown Government, for that matter - really wished to save money, they could easily disband a few dozen of their precious quangos and commissions. I have a few prominent ones in mind, as I write.

I propose that more police officers be employed; the current police stations be re-opened and fully active twenty-four hours a day; that there must be a presence in villages like Strangford and Dundrum, where the stations closed down many years ago.

Despite what the do-gooder liberals, thugs and anti-social classes may demand, there are places where a police station helps to maintain a presence, gives comfort to law-abiding citizens, and acts as a deterrent to felons.

Beginning at the top tier, the NIO; chief police officers and their mouth-pieces; Police Authority; and the so-called policing partnerships are all doing a grave disservice to the people of Northern Ireland if they believe that the closure of more police stations is the answer.


Sharon Owens said...


I'm afraid to go out at night these days...

Timothy Belmont said...

I'm literally just back from the Port, unpacking, throwing stuff in the washing-machine etc etc!

I'll eventually get round to posting an update on LBNI..