Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Swimming Suspended

I ought to have checked the sports club's website today, prior to motoring up there. When I peered in to the swimming-pool this evening it was as dry as a bone, the interior having been re-painted.

The pool was supposed to be open from today to members; however, due to "ongoing refurbishment" it would appear that it shan't be available till the 14th September. How frustrating, not to say annoying.

This has happened too often within the last number of years; and partly explains the decline in membership numbers - turning up, only to discover that the pool is closed for some technical reason or other. It should also be said that pupils are denied use of the pool also, their parents having forked out considerable sums of money for their sons' education and activities. It is no way to treat a membership, though I'd accept it is beyond the sports' club's control. Perhaps the club is privately as frustrated as self. Who knows?

I expect my cycling regime shall continue till then.

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