Monday, 1 March 2010

The 1st Fitting

I collected David Young from the central bus station in Belfast at about three-thirty yesterday afternoon. Mr Young is a bespoke tailor, and had travelled quite a distance to meet me.

We motored back to my house where, without further ado, he produced two folders of cloth swatches. I'd intimated that I'd most likely opt for a dark grey shade. David Young is a very agreeable, soft-spoken person and there was no pressure to make a hasty decision at all. I usually know what I want, at any rate.

Subsequently, over some coffee and biscuits, and with a little guidance from him, I chose a dark grey worsted cloth, 12 ounces in weight, by a company called Holland and Sherry. I already have a woollen flannel mid-grey suit, so I wanted a slightly darker shade.

My preference is for a three-piece suit which does add considerably to the overall cost. Seemingly, waistcoats are not cheap to create. Mr Young took the requisite measurements - I still had the measurements from my 1983 suit - so the process was relatively straightforward. We discussed pockets, how the trousers would be held up, lining etc.

Mr Young finally requested a £200 deposit and advised me that he would return for a second fitting in about six weeks' time. Incidentally, he told me that another client, from the University, had phoned him to place an order for a dinner jacket.

So, at about five forty-five, we drove back to the bus station at Glengall Street where his bus was due to depart at six o'clock.


Sharon Owens said...

How very civilised!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha, indeed! I'll keep you abreast of events. :-)

jebs said...

haha! that univeristy client is myself, booked on advice taken from this very blog. Keep up the good work!

Timothy Belmont said...

Great to hear from you; I did wonder, because David mentioned it and I then told him about my blog. He didn't ask me what my blog was called - perhaps he's not "into" computers and the Internet.

I showed him my ancient DJ of 1933! David was able to tell what this cloth was; and that type of cut; and that the lining was satin etc.

I was unsure about how to pay him re Euros etc. so he took a cheque in Sterling and said he's work the rate out next time for the balance. The waistcoat adds a lot to my order: €400! Must be all those button-holes...

I have an article about my old DJ with a photo (the pic isn't very good) if you use the search facility for my dinner jacket.

Doesn't look as if it'll get an airing at C Ward this year!