Monday, 29 March 2010

Time to Change?

According to the Observer newspaper, the two main political parties, the Conservatives and Labour, are keen for British Summer time to become a permanent feature. I agree with them:-

"Plans to change the clocks to give another hour of daylight throughout the year are being advanced by Labour and the Conservatives. Both parties believe it would result in reduced energy consumption, fewer accidents and generally improved health.

The growing likelihood of a political deal between the parties on the issue can be revealed today, after the country moved the clocks forward last night to British summertime, one hour ahead of Greenwich mean time (GMT).

The UK's clocks are currently set to GMT during the winter and GMT+1 in summer. But the Observer understands that both Labour and the Tories have been influenced by environmental, road safety and tourism campaigners, who have argued for a switch to GMT+1 in winter and GMT+2 in the summer.

Traditionally, opposition to such a move has come from Scottish MPs and lobby groups who fear that, because Scotland has shorter days in winter, the change would mean even darker mornings, creating greater danger for children going to school, as well as more road accidents."


Anonymous said...

Sounds reasonable enough; more time for tennis in the evenings (the court is currently drenched)!


BPH said...

Scotland have their own parliament - let them have their own time zone as well and the rest of us have more daylight.

Timothy Belmont said...

Theoretically it wouldn't be a problem for the far north of the Kingdom because schools, farms, factories etc could change their hours of opening.