Saturday, 30 October 2010

Broadband Blackout!

My broadband connection was inoperative yesterday evening. I switched the Home Hub on and off throughout the evening, to no avail.

Here is an article from the BBC about the situation:-

A technical fault that left tens of thousands of homes without internet broadband has been fixed, BT has said. The company said the problems affected a "significant part of the UK", including Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England, on Friday night.

Engineers worked through the night to correct the fault at an exchange in the Edinburgh area, BT said in a statement. A spokesman said the situation was being monitored and phone services had not been not affected.

"Following a technical fault at an exchange in the Edinburgh area last night which caused disruption to some broadband services, BT confirms that all services have been restored to customers," he said.

"BT's engineering teams worked throughout the night to resolve outstanding customer issues and to monitor the performance of the network."

Perhaps the weather had been the cause. I have never seen such a lengthy period of rain here for a long time. Indeed, it caused flooding in parts of east Belfast.

I'm glad to report that, having switched on this morning, normal service appears to have resumed.


Sandy said...

My daughter's in Edinburgh at the moment. Maybe she overloaded the system!
I spend about an hour checking my router settings before deciding to try it in the morning.
You feel quite helpless, somehow, not being able to phone anyone for help. I couldn't get my ISP's number as it was only findable from the internet!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ahhh,joys of modern technology. :-)