Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Corralejo: VII

I enjoyed a very good meal at a little restaurant I occasionally frequent whilst in the resort of Corralejo, La Taberna, Hernan Cortes Street, run by Mine Host, Juan, ably assisted in the kitchen by his diligent wife, Ana.

Juan happens to be a passionate fan of the major Spanish football club, Real Madrid. He is also a follower of the jazz musician, - if that is the correct terminolgy - Jamie Cullum.

La Taberna operates a unique formula which works admirably, whereby the fillet steak meals are accompanied by a moderate portion of crisp and dry saute potatoes and a small remekin of coleslaw. I ordered the steak - medium done - with a Roquefort cheese sauce. it was simply sumptuous. There was no fat at all and it was so juicy, too.

Juan also brings diners his lovely fresh crusty rolls with his signature alioli garlic mayonnaise, the best alioli in Corralejo to my mind! I shouldn't wish for any finer.

I prefer to sit outside La Taberna at a pavement table, though none were available last night so I sat just inside the restaurant. Juan and Ana know me now and he always admires my watch!

The bill came to €22 including the tip. La Taberna is seriously underrated in my opinion, which is, perhaps, apt since I shouldn't wish it to be too busy.

Today I spotted a pair of hoopoes, quite unmistakable with their Mohican-style tufts; as distinctive in their livery as our goldfinches really.

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