Monday, 30 May 2011

Countess of Belmont?

A Countess's Coronet, early 20th century, as a gilt metal circlet applied with "jewels", applied with eight strawberry leaves alternating with eight silver plated balls on tall spikes, in-filled with crimson velvet surmounted by a golden tassel, and guarded with ermine, silk lined interior, 13cm high

Are there any females - girls, ladies - out there, who might like to share a drink with me? I know there are, judging by the followers (currently seventy-three).

The Blog is as good a tool as Plenty Of Fish; since presumably, if you are a follower, we must share at least one interest in common.

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pippakin said...

Extraordinary! but enterprising. No, I'm not applying but I wonder why you would think the coronet might be a greater attraction than the man. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that young waitress in the DD is available..... methinks his lordship's head may have been slightly turned - never mind his loins stirred - by the talent in the chelsea....... please keep us informed if there are any developments!
Sammy Mehaffey

Timothy Belmont said...

The coronet is a mere diversion!

Gerry Snape said...

Too late, too late mi lord...I'm not available any more!

Timothy Belmont said...

That's the trouble Gerry: all you nice gals have been snapped up ages ago. ;-)

I've been advised to get out more, not to the pub - more to social gatherings like societies etc.