Monday, 16 May 2011

Lady Bangor's View

Richard Kay reports:

As the Queen packs for tomorrow’s state visit to Dublin— the first by a British monarch for 100 years — a shrill objection sounds from her biographer Sarah Bradford [the Viscountess Bangor].

Lady Bangor, 61, is unhappy about the plan for Her Majesty to lay a wreath at Dublin’s Garden of Remembrance, which honours Irish rebels.

Says Sarah Bradford,  who is married to the 8th Viscount Bangor: 

‘I hope there is absolutely no question of her apologising to the Irish. I do not want her to follow in the footsteps of Tony Blair who apologised for the Irish famine. Her Majesty has nothing to apologise for or about.’

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Anonymous said...

she needs to apologise for a heck of a lot more, not least the millions of euros wasted on looking after her for this trip. at the very least she should be paying for that (when i say she, i really mean the british taxpayer i suppose since the monarchy live off that income source)

Timothy Belmont said...

Her Majesty has absolutely nothing to apologize for.

The Royal Family has been greatly underfunded, to my mind; an utter disgrace that HMY Britannia is decommissioned.

The Royal Flight should be increased in size.

I received a frank comment which was personal and charged me with "ignorance".

Comments which are of a personal, inappropriate or abusive nature will be deleted from this Blog.

Anonymous said...

£40m+ per year is hardly underfunded man. And this funding to someone who is persistently on the top 200 rich list never mind the assets of the rest of her family. For little value add, and despite what a minority think they care not a jot about Ulster. why would they

Anonymous said...
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Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, £40m is remarkable value, given the tourists who flock to London and the UK to see the Royal Palaces etc.

Her Majesty and the Royal Family have many close friends in Northern Ireland and do care about the Province, in my belief.

Anonymous said...

On 21 Nov 1920 British forces acting in the name of the King stormed into a sporting football match in Diblin, opened fire indiscriminately and killed 14 two of which were young boys enjoying a day out with their father. I believe this warrants an apology.

Timothy Belmont said...

Whenever is this living in the past, grievances, etc going to end?

We all have our prejudices. Blair stupidly apologized.

We haven't received an apology from Irish Republicans for their murders.

It's the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

the tourists don't get to meet the queen though, they come to see the buildings. so if she wasn't there it would be no different, hence 40m wastage

as you say in responding to the other anon, it's the 21st century. paying dues for an unelected monarchy is of the dark ages

Timothy Belmont said...

The tourists do enjoy our rich pageantry, a prime example being the royal wedding a few weeks ago.

I think you're tuned in to the wrong blog, ANON.

This blog promotes and proudly celebrates Royalty, Pagentry and Heraldry.

Anonymous said...

i'm fully with Belmont on this one. For non-cynical, patriotic decent citizens the Royal Family is seen as a uniting element that Britain should be very proud of. For example, the royal wedding was a great day of celebration that we all enjoyed. If the detractors loath spending the bare necessary on upkeep then why don't they go and live in some grey suited, President led, frankly boring country with little character? I recommend Belgium.
Actually no, they still hae a royal family - lets just go full whack and throw away all that is special about this country and become a socialist republic.

Sandy said...

You would have to wonder about the republicans who look at a blog supporting the monarchy and the old order of things. And then to post negative comments?
Your Lordship, I wouldn't even let them post!

Anonymous said...

In 2002 the IRA apologised for their actions and murders. It does not exonerate their actions but apologies go a long way in rebuilding relations. That is why the Queen should apologise.

Anonymous said...

The difference is that the IRA actually KILLED PEOPLE. Queen Elizabeth, as far as I am aware, has done no such thing. She has been a truely exemplary monarch that has done nothing but good for the country.

Timothy Belmont said...

Quite right, Sandy.

I deleted one comment, though it would be easy to delete the ones I strongly disagree with!

I like to think that I am fair, despite my own prejudices and views. I tend not to be too censorious lest for good reason.

I would draw the line at abusive, personal or inappropriate comments, though.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Green Envy Living said...

Her Majesty on a personal level obviously has nothing to apologies for. Her visit to the the Garden of Remembrance, is that of head of state, and any such apology would be as such. As an Irishwoman, I have to admire this act of humility, graciousness and maturity. There are those that think she should, there are those that think she shouldn't. Her Majesty clearly understands that this act is for the greater good, and will serve to further heal old wounds that may still be felt by some. It shows such strength of character and should be applauded. Her Majesty clearly understand the phrase "building bridges and moving on"

Furthermore, I wish to make a footnote regarding Timothy Belmonts comments on living in the past - I totally agree! We all need to move on. However, I don't like your comparison of the The Queens potential apology with that of republican terrorists not apologizing for atrocious murders which they carried out. May I remind you that these republicans (IRA) when carrying out acts of violence did not act in the the name of the Irish people, The Irish Government nor The Irish Head of State.

I warmly welcome the Queen to Ireland, I think it is long over due! I look forward to a new era of stronger friendship between our two very similar nations!

Ken said...

Ah! "Anonymous", the voice of the poor, wronged irish nation, carrying their bag of woe's and hurt for display to anyone who will listen. Simpering and snivelling their way around the world, garnering sympathy and pity for past wrongs and grievances. An intolerant, parochial society, living in the past, unable to move forward in time, diligently indoctrinating their offspring with their all their old prejudices and hate. All the time wallowing in a cesspit of priestly abuses and corrupt malgovernment.
P.S. the Queen is visiting the Republic of Ireland at the behest and invitation of the President. It is normal protocol for the host to entertain a guest and not ask the guest to pay for the visit. I must admit I find it quite ironic a republican complaining about the cost of the visit when the main spend is on security caused by the republican threat, so "Anon" you're paying for your hate.

Anonymous said...

As a Dubliner born and bred, all I can say is that I would not expect an 85 year old lady to apologise for events that occurred before she was even born.

We each have our own prejudices, but what this visit highlights is that we can be friends regardless of our differing interpretations of the past. The old enmities should not- and will not- define our relationship any longer.

The Queen is very, very welcome here.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

I have been digesting the comments made about the Queens visit to Ireland posted on your Blog Timothy and I have serious heartburn. I doubt very much if Her Majesty will agree with the remarks made by Sarah Bradford. It is people like Sarah who despise the Irish peasants because their land grabbing ancestors probably accumulated their wealth from the toil of those brave people and then allowed them to starve to death.

The Queen did not carry not mass murder. But it happened. There is no denying it. As to affording blame! The great houses of Ireland and GB have to look to their own consciences. If they have any.

Another thing that makes Tiger and I sick to our stomachs is the people who hide behind anonymity. Unlike you Timothy. If they have the strength of their convictions why not post their names and even their profiles? There is nothing quite like a coward to make me want to make throw up.

You keep telling it as it is Tim. All anonymous comments should be banned from website's. So say's Amanda Martin.

Mad Mandy Moans said...

The Irish Army and Navy can stand proud. What a wonderful guard of honour. I was moved to tears. Despite the resistance to a British state visit I for one think it was both dignified and awesome.
The fact that the Irish Army officers are tall and broad and carry weapons is an added bonus.
Sorry Liz. I can't resist a man in uniform. Suspect you can't either. TeeHee MMx