Monday, 22 February 2021

Brackenber Prospectus: III


Boys are received from the age of seven into the Main School and may remain until fourteen.

The normal and uninterrupted preparatory course being five to six years, boys are expected to remain at the school for at least half this period.

To enter a boy it is necessary to complete the entry form enclosed, and to pay an entry fee of one guinea.


A short report on each boy in the Main School is sent out at half-term, and a detailed Report is sent at the end of the Term.


There are three Terms in the School Year, beginning about January 15th, April 20th and September 6th.


Boys under the age of seven enter the Junior School, which is divided into a Transition and two Kindergarten forms, and pass to the Main School before their eighth birthday; to ensure individual attention the number of boys in this department is limited. Class hours - Mornings only.


One full Term's notice, given in writing, or the payment of a term's Fees, is required before Removal. Fees are not returnable in any circumstances.


All boys wear the School cap, tie and stockings (which may be obtained only from School outfitters*). 

The School blazer is compulsory for Cricket, and School shirts for Football.
*Messrs. Warnock - Royal Avenue
*Messrs. Wood Stuart - Howard Street


By appointment only.


Boxing - £1 0s 0d. a Term
Swimming - £1 0s 0d. a Term
Judo - £1 10s 0d. a Term
Lunch - 3s 6d. a Day

A reduction of Fees will gladly be made, if required, to the sons of clergymen, and in the case of two or more brothers being in the School at the same time.

This concludes my series of the Brackenber Prospectus.

First published in February, 2011.


Mark Rivers said...

Sir, I enjoyed your prospectus articles - While very much of it's time - i saw parallels to the ethos at Rockport Prep in my day during the 80's. I hope modern schools and the few remaining preps hold to some if not most of the aspirations expressed by this document. Although we didn't have boxing, which was a shame! I smiled when I read that 'scripture' was the first subject mentioned from a long list of more traditional subjects- How times of changed.

Timothy Belmont said...

Bertie Wooster always took great pride in letting us know he won first prize in the Scripture!

The boxing at BHS took place in a "ring" within one of the ground-floor class-rooms.


roryj said...

I was a Brackenber house from 197 to 72 would any you know or have any school photos from that period.
Many thanks